Wednesday, 28 January 2009

more iceland

So, I've just had a lovely 5 weeks or so back in Melbourne, and am heading back to Iceland today for another 6 months. Aaaand, I've just gotten another 12 month extension! My performance over my first year was called 'exemplary' :D Woo-hoo! But I've already gotten permission to do the second extension partly in Australia, so I'll be back in July before heading over again. So all those who haven't yet made it to Iceland, get your calendars out and see if you can't squeeze in a visit.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

At home, heading home again

I've just bought my return flights back to Iceland. I'm leaving Melbourne on Wed 28th of Jan (after the Australia Day long weekend at the Prom), on the 5pm Singapore flight. Haven't decided yet whether I'll go straight to Reykjavik from Copenhagen, or fly the next day straight to Akureyri for my basketball games. But I've booked my home flight from CPH for Tuesday 21st of July. It was going to cost $8,000 more to leave on the Saturday or Sunday, so I decided I could cope with a couple of extra days summer in 2009.

While the 'summer' here in Melbourne has been rather pissweak, I have been pretty thrilled that all my friends have called me and organised to meet up with me - I feel like I've been flat out since mid-November and couldn't have organised a pissup in a brewery if left to my own devices (eg NYE on the couch, bed at 12:30). It's been great to feel I have friends who make the effort to call me - thanks everyone! XOXO :)