Monday, 1 August 2011

Starting new job in Sydney

Well, my first day at my new job in Sydney went swimmingly. I feel like I met a billion people and spent the day just chatting. Read a little bit about how the company works and how linux works. I'm going to be working in the Lexicons group, or the TransLex group, which might be the same thing. I'll be starting working on languages I know nothing about, but that rather excites me - it's time for me to learn something other than Germanic languages for a change!

I'm already sick of the travel - to get to work this morning, I walked to Eastwood train station (the suburb I live in), took 21 mins, just like Google said! Took exactly 9 mins to wait in line and buy my train ticket cos I had a few questions to ask, which meant that I arrived on the platform exactly as the doors to my train were closing. Oh well, that's why I aimed at the earlier train, right?! Waited 14 mins for the next train to Epping, got off there and was wondering where to go for my connecting train to Chatswood, when the very helpful voiceover said, "For trains to Chatswood, take the escalator down to platform 5." Seriously, it was like the voice of God, reading my mind and answering my question perfectly!

Had to wait 9 mins at Epping for my train, and when it arrived, I got a seat, and 15 mins (not 18 mins as advertised) later we emerged from the new tunnel in Chatswood. It took a few wild guesses and hopeful sign reading to get out of the labyrinth that is the Chatswood train station/bus interchange/mall, but I successfully navigated to my building and made it into the office at 8:58, perfect timing for a 9am start :)

As soon as I can get my bike tyre pumped up I'll be riding directly to Epping station I think, since it'll cut out at least 9 mins of waiting around, and it's not that far, give me a bit of exercise and allow me to get home earlier too, I think. I also think I'll need to work out a good route to ride to work, since that is seriously on the cards too - I have a spot for my bike right by my desk, cos I'm right at the end of the row of desks up against the wall and window, looking out to the coast I believe (but all I see is high-rise buildings, trees and smog), and there's a shower on our floor that no-one uses before work, but apparently gets full after lunchtime soccer, which I have been roped into already. Training on Thursday, grand final on Monday. I tried to tell them that I'm an ex-basketballer, ie I have learnt to use my hands and not my feet to connect with balls, but no-one seemed put off by this in the slightest. Oh, and I've been enlisted in the choir, too, which will rehearse at Friday lunchtimes I think. I did warn them that I'm more enthusiastic than talented, but again, no-one seemed put off by this.

Chatted with Brent all lunchtime, seems like everyone I know is job-hunting or starting new work - Ási just started in Akureyri and Linda is trying to work up there too. Like I said - practically everyone I know is job-hunting or starting new work at the moment. Hey wow, I'm finally doing what everyone else is doing - I'm in fashion for once!

Everyone I spoke with today seemed really nice, and even through all of the politeness (so many 'welcome aboard's and 'nice to meet you's today!) I felt like I genuinely liked about half of them, rather than just a couple seeming to have personalities in there somewhere. My supervisor seems very motherly and really really lovely, and I think she'll take good care of me.

Apparently there are drinks on Thursday evening, I can't remember if they're in my honour or not. The head of something or other told me I could drink as much as I could hold, so I think it might be. I hope they serve chocolate non-dairy milkshakes!!

Got home at about 6:15pm, so a 10.5 hour day for my first day at work. Worked 8 hours, but only need to work 7.5 hours a day. Learnt how to log my hours, looks like it will be easy to be a bit flexible with times (I promise to be as unflexible as possible in the beginning!). Made a yummy beef stroganoff for dinner, the recipe from the Women's Weekly basic cookbook. It had lemon juice in it, which provided a super yummy tang, I highly recommend it. I need to work on cooking the meat though - it wasn't as tender as it should have been. Maybe I didn't sear it quickly enough, or let it simmer on low for long enough - anyone know anything about this?

I know this is no longer about me in Iceland, but I'm the Icelandic representative at work now, so I'm still Iced T :p