Thursday, 27 March 2008


So, I went snow-boarding on Easter Day this year. What did YOU do??

Oh yeah, I also went swimming...

... where 'swimming' includes doing laps, plopping in hot pots, and whizzing down the waterslide as fast as I could.

Friday, 21 March 2008


Wow, 2 posts in 2 days. Well, I just went to Laugardalslaug (Swimming Pool Valley swimming pool), and it was awesome, I cannot believe I didn't go earlier! Something to do with never having anyone to go with, so I finally gave up looking for a swimming buddy and decided I could do it alone. I met a Russian woman, because she wondered where I was from that I was swimming in the wrong side of the lane :) And then I met a Newfoundland woman and 3 guys from Longbeach, California, and we went down the waterslide 3 times learning how to go faster each time except when the Canadian followed me and the water stopped so I also came to a complete halt, then we cooked ourselves in the 44 degree hotpot, then finished off in the normal, not-too-hot hotpot. Aah, Reykjavík - I love it here! (Especially when you get to drive to the pool...)

Thursday, 20 March 2008

have car, will travel

So, we acquired a car today - suburu legasy ('legacy' really, but that's how the icelander owner spelt it!) We're hiring it off a colleague at my work (whose parents live in Wonga Park :) ), so it costs the same per month as to hire a car for 2 days. So now we can say 'Við erum með bíl sko' - 'we've got a car'. I'm trying to learn to say 'sko' at the end of everything I say, cos then it sounds more Icelandic!

Nothing much else to report - had an abstract rejected and another one accepted, have a paper for a special issue of a journal due in 3 weeks, and a talk to give at the uni here at the same time, plus another talk at the uni just before I go to Switzerland with Luce & Meg and then off to Norway.

Icelandic easter eggs are discussed in terms of numbers, 2 and 3 are kind of normal, but 6 is really rather impressive, to judge from the conversation my basketball team had last night.

Oh, and there's a tv show here called 'Næturvaktin', about the nightwatch at the Shell petrol station up on Laugarvegur (the street where the big swimming pool and sports complex is, and where Luce and I train basketball). Anyway, the point is, with a few pauses now and then to look words up, I can pretty much understand everything they say. Yippee! Now if only I could speak this accursed medieval tongue, I'd be well pleased.