Friday, 24 June 2011

Midnight run 2011, Miðnæturhlaupið

Hahaaaa! I won third place in the Midnight Run last night, and WON the 19-39 year old age group, with a time of 22:17 for 5 kms. I spent the first three k thinking, "Oh God, I started too fast!", then rested a little for most of the fourth k, then just let my legs stride out for the whole downhill final k, passing lots of people. The last 80m or so are on the driveway to the Laugardalslaug/Laugardals swimming pool, and one guy I passed swore and muttered, "No way!" I said, "C' mon, let's finish it!", and we sprinted flat out towards and across the finish line, giving each other a high five at the end. He turned out to be from my running group, so that was extra cool that we finished together :) [Edit: I have found the official results, here they are below. No pic yet :p ]

overview of winners
5km overall times, men and women
5km overall times, women
5km times per age group