Sunday, 6 June 2010

A quick stopover in Reykjavík

Well, New York was actually pretty awesome. The people were lovely, our friends and acquaintances were lovely, and I had a frozen yoghurt or soy or almond milk drink every day. Until I started reading about the weird non-foods they add to food in the US. Apparently all milk in the US has lactating hormones in it, 'high fructose corn syrup' really IS the first listed ingredient in many 'foods', and the stuff that makes drinks and icecream lovely and creamy is indigestible gum made from seaweed. Great. Eating actual food in the US seems even harder than in Iceland!

Oh, and Eyjafjalljökull seems to be erupting again. Health regulations say that 50 micrograms of particles per cubic metre is described as 'bad air'. We had 136 here in Reykjavík yesterday, and people with asthma and other lung problems were advised to stay indoors and not do too much. Not a good day to let the fresh air in from outside. Our roof windows were literally caked with ash: