Wednesday, 24 March 2010

OMG, Icelandic food

Sometimes it really doesn't pay to let the bloke do the shopping for dinner. Tolli came home with hrogn and lifur - roe and liver. The roe was still all wrapped up in the sacks it was in when it was inside the fish - all veiny and looking like brains, that spilled out into pale red sandy stuff. The liver was like lumps of yoghurt that had been left outside for a year and gone all grey and shapeless. It's sooo mushy *shivers*. Okay, so in their defence, they were both pretty tasteless, pure texture-food. I imagine if you did something with them, like mush the liver up into a sauce and have something with them to hide the lack of flavour and weird-arse consistencies, they'd be edible. I did eat some, together with fish and potatoes, which was more than RĂ³sa or Helga did, but still! I think my poor tummy is still churning, and dinner was 5 hours ago!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Back in the land of ice and snow

Yes, it's still winter here. The ski season starts this weekend, and it's snowing as I write this. My flights here were a bit of a schermozzle (? sorry, I have NO idea how that word is spelt!), the Airbus from Melbourne had to wait for a part to come from Singapore - computer problems apparently. So we all missed our connections, I had to fly to Copenhagen via Frankfurt, and I missed spending the day and evening with friends, as I didn't get to their place until midnight (scheduled was 8am at their place).

So, I got most of my work done at Tulla, rather than during the flights, which means I think I'm totally up-to-date with my movies now! I really liked: Up in the air, Whip it, Astroboy, The break up, and that's all I remember. :)

It's 6:40pm here now, and I'm knackered. Shower, clean teeth and bed for me! Finish my conference paper tomorrow. (As in, the conference is the day after that, so I really do have to finish it tomorrow!)