Monday, 27 August 2007

applications update

It turns out that our employer is supposed to organise our person number for us, even though it's in the section of the work/residency permits that we have to fill in.


We've been offered a choice from 2 places to live in via House-elf Margret. Both are in houses with 2 flats, the owner lives in the other flat, and we would share the garden. #1 is very close to uni and shops, but only 60m2 and not fully furnished; ISK 70,000 per month (~ $1,400). #2 is fully furnished and around 100m2, but nowhere near uni, shops or public transport; ISK 99,000 (~ $2,000) per month! "This is a good flat for good price but rather bad location if you don't have a car." Um? I guess no-one likes walking or bike-riding when it's dark and icy...

Not sure if we'll get more offers, hope so!

A map of Reykjavík:
The University is here:

Flat 1: Bræðraborgarstígur, MAP 7
Flat 2: Víðihlíð, MAP 3

Monday, 20 August 2007


So, we now have a person who I've been picturing as a kind of elf for some reason, helping us to find a place to live in Reykjavik. We're requesting 2 bedrooms, because of the number of people who have said they're going to come for a visit. So, if you haven't already, you should look to see whether Iceland fits your idea of a good holiday destination in 2008!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Iceland Uni HR joins quest for visas

Finally! An email about our visas from Admin Oskar at Iceland U, who states that "We know the process very well"! Excellent. So, we've sent off our criminal record check to the Federal Police of Australia, because that's the very first thing we need to do. In fact, we already sent it off, but I think L said we needed to include photocopies of our passports too. So, tomorrow then. :)

Admin Oskar also said that "'Place of residence' is the first issue to be solved", so it looks like we might have an address soon. Although L is moaning on and on about finding out my salary, so I've asked about that again too.

So, what will we find out first: whether we have a secret criminal record, who our landlord will be, or how much dosh we'll have to spend on touristing around Iceland... Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of ... Iced-Tee!

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Icelandic visa application anyone?

Good grief, the things these Icelanders want to know before they'll let you in the country: 'Registration of cohabitation'; who is 'the applicant's representative' in Iceland; 'opinion of a trade union'; whose house will you be renting while in Iceland?; insurance company (must be on a special list); *and* 'he' means 'she' (not in Australia it doesn't - I keep feeling like I'm filling in forms for L!)

Honestly, 'opinion of trade unions'!! Apparently it might mean something like 'is there a trade union who'll have you?', because being a member is compulsory. But, we need to know where we'll be living and everything, and every time I try to check an online renting site, I get the message 'sorry! Nothing available to rent at this time in Reykjavik! Try another area?' Gah!!

Thursday, 2 August 2007

"No news is good news"

So, yesterday being the first of August, I decided that folks in Iceland should have returned from holidays and sent me all the information I need to start applying for visas etc, so I emailed, and got the response that "no news is good news". Also, "23/11 is fine as a starting date". So now you know! Our next step is to apply for residency visas...