Saturday, 15 November 2008


Hahaha! It's like, 2 degrees (positive), and it's snowing - the biggest snow 'flakes' I have ever seen! They're all the size of golf-balls, and I swear I saw one nearly tennis-ball size a minute ago! It's so funny - cos they're so big, you can see them dropping down for miles up in the sky. Where ARE they coming from?! :D

Thursday, 6 November 2008

snúa og snua, og bremsa og bremsa, ...

(Sorry for double-posting on the good newz blog...)

HAH! I've been taking Swing/Rock'n'Roll dance classes at the Háskóli, and cos I'm sick of Icelandic guys not dancing, I've been learning to lead. And tonight we were learning to dance with 2 girls!! Aaaughhh!! Actually, it's not THAT hard, if they're dancing in time/together. But THEN the teacher said, oh, now let's see what happens when you turn one girl twice and one girl once, and continue on with other moves we've learnt to dance one-on-one ... Chaos! Mayhem! But *I* mananged to do it in the end, even doing the 'turn the other girl twice' to get them back in step!! Woo-hoo! OMG!!

Oh, we also got all of our passports, work permits and residency permits renewed, til October 2009. Should be home before then though! Luce looks pretty similar in both his residency permit photos, but I don't look like the same person at all (first photo straight hair, overexposed, second photo bed hair and enough contrast to see my freckles). Funny.