Monday, 21 December 2009

Things accomplished while in Melbourne

I'm going to use this blog post to keep track of the work-related tasks that I accomplish while I'm in Melbourne instead of Iceland. I'm planning on being very productive, and so far so good :)

  1. got my author's final changes done, including making her English nice and idiomatic, for the Nordlyd volume on Faroese.
  2. made final changes on Faroese vs Icelandic LDR paper, sent to Nordlyd editors for publication.
  3. made final changes on my LFG paper, including fixing f-structures and some argumentation, ready for publication. Editors great, and I'm very happy with this paper :)
  4. finished transcribing interviews done in Fosen, Norway. Added this data to LDR database that I'm making for the tekstlab. [Still todo: mini-writeup of this data].
  5. sent off PDs + relative clauses paper to friendly reader.
  6. perspective study: 800 examples coded for whether the subject of say is the same as the subject of its complement clause or is different. Mini-writeup completed, including having statistics checked by Steph. [Might need to do this for an adjunct clause too... This mini-writeup will go somewhere when I talk about perspective in more detail]

I'll add to this as I go. By the end of Feb, I'm aiming to have
  • the papers for the journal I'm editing reviewed and getting closer to publication
  • some idea of how to describe my EPs (expletive/dummy/correlative pronouns) theoretically, and be ready for the Humanities conference (Hugvísindaþing) at the start of March
  • all my interviews transcribed (Faroes 2008, Faroes 2009, Inner Scandinavia to go)
  • mini-writeups of as many fieldwork trips as possible ready
By the end of my postdoc, I'm aiming to have:
  • mini-writeups of all fieldwork places completed (Vestjysk Danish, Inner Scandinavian, Fosenmål)
  • self-paced reading task comparing Icelandic and Faroese data collection completed, and mini-writeup completed.
  • a second LFG paper [EPs]
  • at least one paper published in Icelandic [HVÞ 2008]

There we go!

Friday, 18 December 2009

RIP Francoise

Well, our first little embryo didn't make it :( And she was even at the 7-cell stage when she was squirted in. Poor little Francoise. I will forever wonder what you would have been like.