Tuesday, 24 March 2009

So much, yet so little has happened

Okay, so I've been back in Iceland since the end of January. I went straight up to Akureyri to play 2 games of basketball, both nail-biters (against the bottom team!), but we won both. Then I've been to 2 conferences, with the next one being the one I'm organising here in Reykjavík, and which is shaping up to be much bigger than I thought!

The basketball season ends this Thursday, which hopefully means my dancing season can start again. I've been to the beach nearly every week at least once, and I've even bought some neoprene boots and gloves to help deal with the 2 degree sea water (it helps enormously!).

Life without Luce here is a lot quieter at home than it was. I'm working up to having a party on my birthday on Friday, but it's a lot of effort on one's own, so we'll just have to see.

Just over 2 weeks ago I became addicted to Twilight, and read the books over this weekend. The strange thing is, while I am totally in love with Edward, rather than be WITH him, I'd like to just BE him. I think. Cos I think I'd rather be WITH Jacob. Hmm, maybe I am spending too much time on my own!

Finally, my abstract to the LFG conference just got accepted! Gah! That's supposed to be quite hard to get in! FOUR reviewers!! So that's in July - I'll be coming back to Australia straight after that, although I'm actually here in Iceland until June 2010. I'll just be commuting ;)