Thursday, 21 July 2011

Going home again

Okay, that's it, there's getting to be an almost-completely-dark nighttime here now, I've had enough! It's no longer summer when it's neither hot nor light - I'm going back to Australia! Seeing as how my new job starts in 10 days, it's probably just about time, too :) Bye, Iceland, once again.

PS, finished watching the Harry Potter movies tonight (number 7 this afternoon). They were fun to watch, apparently they work as movies separately from the books, but the last movie in particular reminded me of how much interesting detail about wands and so on was in the book, quite different from the movies. 19 years later in the movie was fun, the kid playing Albus Severus was cute as, and solemn, just like he was meant to be :)

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brent said...

Good luck! Safe travels!